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What is Airbrush makeup?!?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

This is one of the questions I get asked most often from my brides while deciding what makeup option to go with for their big special day. I am here to make things a bit easier and explain what airbrush makeup is and what that means for you and your beautiful faces!

To begin, airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin as opposed to being applied with sponges, brushes or good ol' fingers like your classic liquid foundation. Airbrush makeup comes in silicone based ( my personal favorite) and water based. You can achieve a more natural healthy glow with the silicone based product. As for those wanting more of a matte finish and for TV makeup, water based is the route to go.

It is sprayed on to the skin using a powered compressor is used to create an even and controllable airflow through trigger-actioned gun. This spraying effect of makeup, pushed out by the airbrush gun, disperses tiny particles of makeup onto the skin, eventually covering the entire surface of the face with a lightweight layer of foundation.

Your makeup artist can tailor the coverage to your desired look by how many layers they go over the skin (ex. 1= light 3= full coverage). Airbrush is great at covering acne and smoothing fine lines and pores.

My favorite thing about airbrush makeup is the beautiful and flawless coverage it gives without looking heavy or cakey. Its like walking around with an Instagram filter on your face in real life. It is also more resilient than a lot of traditional liquid makeup. It is meant to withstand sweat, tears, rain and humidity better than classic makeup. Airbrush is great for every bride all year round but especially those marrying in the warmer destinations and more humid months.

How to decide if airbush is for you? Ask yourself these few questions..

Do I need a bit of extra coverage but don't like the look of heavy makeup on the face?

Does my skin need some TLC?

Am I getting married in a humid destination/month?

Do I want to dance the night away and not worry about my makeup melting away?

I hope this was all helpful. Please message me with any of your questions and makeup artitsry needs.

much love!

Evrianthi Papadopoulos


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